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> Hi there fellow unicyclists… I am just learning to ride (can go about 30
> feet before bailing) and am interested in purchasing
> _The_Complete_Book_of_Unicycling but since I live in Canada I have run
> across some difficulties in trying to obtain it. I tried to order it from my
> campus bookstore, and after waiting 4 weeks they told me the publisher
> wanted the money before sending the book. I was informed that after going
> through the necessary red tape it would take another 8-10 weeks to get the
> book in my hands.

This isn’t Canada, but the Unicycling Society of America sells the book. It
costs US$27.95, plus US$3.00 for shipping. I don’t know if you have to be a
member to buy books through the USA, but it’s worth joining anyway at US$20 a
year for a Canadian subscription.

The address is

Unicycling Society of America
P.O. Box 40534 Redford, MI 48240

BTW, if you do order the book through them, expect to wait 6-8 weeks.


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