Begineer Question?

Hey Guyz

I really want to get into unicycling so I have been looking for a new
unicycle and i found
these two on ebay … Here are the two links

Please tell me if either of these are alright unicycles ( as i dont
know much about them )

Hopefully someone can help soon as one of them finishes soon.


neither of those are very good, but the first one is better. You should check, or whatever that is in Australia. The main question is, what do you want to do with it. Freestyle, distance, trials, street, Muni Whatever you want to do. You will find a lot of different unicycles for each style of riding, but to narrow it down you need to pick a style of riding. Trust me, when I started I was riding street on a freestyle uni, I broke it all the time.

Re: Begineer Question?

I just want one to learn with , so i dont want to spend heaps of money
… I will get a better one when i know unicycling is for me and i will
stick with it . So are either of these unicycles ok for learning with?

The first one has a more comfortable seat then the second. But both would be fine for learning on.

I had the same goal it seemsd that you do.

I got a 24" Torker off ebay for well under $100 US a few years ago. It was a perfect learner. I gave it away for somebody else to learn on when I upgraded.

My original Torker has been passed around so much as a ‘learner uni’ that I have lost track of the location.

Welcome to the fora.

This one has ‘lollipop’ bearings. Those aren’t good and are best avoided.

This would be the better one to get.

Here’s a recent learning journal kept by a learning unicyclist.

And here is a link to the search function to help you find info on whatever you’re looking for on these fora.
If you can’t get hold of the info your looking for using that, start a thread and ask your question there. If you can use quite a descriptive title for your thread, that would be kewl.

Happy learning.
Keep us posted on your progress.