Begin Teaser 2 and film update

Hey all,

So, we’ve been shooting for a few weeks now for the film. And we’re starting to find a direction for the film. Besides Mike and Keny’s unicycling, it will also feature their mountain biking and BMX. Mountain biking, particularly downhill is very important to both guys, because it has influenced their unicycle riding immensely. Nelson is a huge freeride, steep mountain, big huck town. And both guys are bringing different aspects of Nelson style riding to their unicycling. Based on the current productions schedule, the film will definitely not be released this year. But we’re anticipating a release sometime in 2010…likely summer. Hope you like the updated teaser.

Looking good. Summer 2010… is a long time to wait :frowning: and that’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere… Mid 2010…

Haha…I know. You’re telling me! I had hoped we’d be done shooting by October with a film by November. But we’re discovering other cool stuff to put in the film which is requiring time and research to figure out how to do. Plus we’d like to travel to other locations to shoot. Mike and I were in Kamloops BC this past weekend doing some shooting.

Nice teaser :smiley:

Looks awesome. How long is the film looking to be, and is it going to be a free release or will people have to buy a dvd???

Nice! Cant wait for the full video. That drop looked big! :astonished:

Oooooh Mike P will wanna hurry the production along. Frontflips will be old by then :stuck_out_tongue:

Does look awesome tho. That drop was intense.

Also, didn’t know these guys actually rode together. Thats a powerful team.

just make 2vids…
one of the footage you have now and one of the footage you will make later…; :stuck_out_tongue:
I really want to see the vid!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Nice teaser that drops cool.

Well, I’m hoping for at least 20 mins, but I’m gun’n for forty. We’ll likely be selling the DVD cause we’ll need to recoup our production costs somehow.

:slight_smile: We did…it’s called a teaser. I know, I know, that’s not what you meant. But don’t worry. It’ll come.