Bedford unicycles

Hey, im really looking forward to my next unicycle, and i have been looking around on the internet. I live in Toronto, home to bedford unicycles, do you think i should get my next one from there? or off and are bedford unicycles good? Anyone have pictures?

Bedford all the way!


GEt either a bedford hardcore or a bedford hardcore air if u r lookin into trials I thik they are the best you can buy

anyone have any pictutres? or more opinions on bedford unicycles?

Darren Bedford is fricken awesome. His prices and service are wayyyy better than UDC. I ordered THIS MUNI from him early this year. It’s excellent and well built.

Definetly go Bedford

Yes his UNIS ARE AWSOME! but i dont know so much about hte prices…and he needs a better sight, so you can see what your buying…

I don’t know what type of uni you are looking for, but I have heard nothing but good things about bedfords. I also looked into buying other unicycles online or in other bike shops, but with taxes and shipping, it really wouldn’t be a huge difference to buy a bedford.

give him a call… another perk is that you don’t have to assemble it on your own, and you can be sure that it’s assembled right when he assembles it for you gratuit! Plus if you have any problems, he’s only a phonecall away.


the quality control and well packed boxes are another thing that sets Bedford apart from million dollar a year unicycle wharehouses.

Bedford would never put a thousand dollar unicycle in a 5 dollar box for example.

one thing


anyone else have opinions or pictures?

ps:do bedford unicycles custom paint their unicycles? because id like to have a black and white striped one

You can get your frame powder coated but I think that’s how far its gonna go


Does anyone have the pricelist that they could either send to my email address (in my sig line) or that they could post here, because for some reason I can’t download the pricelist off of his site.

Re: Pricelist

I have no idea why you can’t download the price list, but here’s a text version for the time being.

Bedford is like the greatest, evar, never order from anywhere else, evar. even though I’ve never ordered from them, I’m a hypocrite, that doesn’t mean you have to sink to my level.

Re: Re: Pricelist

Are all the prices in canadian dollar, which I assume, so how do I convert to USD

Re: Re: Re: Pricelist

With a currency converter:

Or you can just call. Bedford will give you a quote in USD if you ask.

I have only heard good things about Bedford. I might get one of there frames for my trials uni. Does anyone know how good there frames are?

the frames just own men just get a bedford

Just a thought. You can say positive things about Bedford with out badmouthing If you have issues with them, I would address those issues with them directly. Inspite of what some people perceive to be, they are a family owned business, and work really hard to provide a huge variety of products to all of us. As for service, mistakes happen… it’s what they do when it happens that shows what kind of company they are. Most people will agree they take care of those issues promtly and happily. The Drummonds are great people and work a lot of hours to provide all of us with great products.

That being said, Darren is a great guy and will take care of you as well.

Its not that UDC isnt good, its just that Bedford is a little better.