bedford unicycles trials uni

Does anyone have any pictures or comments on this puppy?

The website shows it for $425 canadian.


Actually I think there was a thread about the Bedford Trials uni not long ago… try do a search for it…I think someone even posted pics of getting their new BTU.


I also belive they have.It is basically a monty wheel set with suzue hub and weelgo pedals and a frame that is very similar to a semcycle XLW exept it has clearance for a monty. This is an excellent unicycle, i have the same one (expet with profiles) everyting is sweet!! a strongly encouraged buy!!


Ahem! Ahem! The one who posted not long ago is none other than I. I posted a review in the review section. Its not a very good review though. And up till now I havent used my new uni as much as i would have liked to (school, etc). Its an awsome uni. Its so comfy and stuff…see, I’m no good at writing reviews.

Here are some pics, but sadly none of the unicycle being ridden. PICS

Thats all I have to say.


thanks Erin,

I did find it in a search.

Ryan, thanks for the info on the side clearance. That would have been my next question.

Mike, thanks for posting pics. Enjoy riding when you can. I definately know how it is when you can’t ride due to school/work.

Thanks again.