Bedford Unicycles - New product and price list


It has been a very long time, years, since I have updated the website with new products or prices.

There is a new list there now ready to check out with more items coming soon.

I will be working on a picture for each of the 500
items now available on the site.
There will be a specification list for each as soon as I can get it there.

Check it out at:


info at bedfordunicycles dot ca


That looks much better, and is much more readable. Thanks!

Just curious, do you plan to post a price list in US dollars, too?

Looks Good Darren,

Now the real question is when can we see the rest of the site up and running?

who did the art work?
its quality!

It looks really good.

I keep looking at the prices and say “he wants how much?” but then remember its Canadian and say “Oh that seems right.”. Do you think you’ll put that in USD then?

I cant wait to see the new betty line, especially the poster. Along with the Ryan poster. Both sound awesome. I also want to get stickers, It’s just that don’t know what they look like.

Awesome! I can’t wait till some of the Dec 2005 items come out. I cant wait to buy me a Betty to call my own!