Bedford trials

So I’m looking at new unis and I can’t afford a Kris Holm, so I’m looking at Nimbus and Bedford. But it seems Bedford’s website is usually down for construction. So if I could get some reviews of the light-duty and heavy-duty trials that would help a lot. And feel free to post some pictures too. Thanks :slight_smile:

all i can say is you can’t go wrong with a nimbus. I have 3 20 inches. I have done thousands of 1.5+ ft drops on them with many bad landings with no rollout and my rims are still perfect.

i have 1 36 spoke and 2 48 spoke nimbus 20"

I would go with a nimbus. The Nimbus X has 48 spoke, a double wall rim, and is only $306.91 including shipping.

I agree with going for a nimbus… but as far as i know the nimbus x is a freestyle unicycle. This might be more suited to what you are looking for.

The nimbus x comes in a street version with a cc tire.