bedford on a dx hub?

hey, thinkin of gettin a bedford frame and wonderin if anyone knows how it will fit onto my dx hub?
seat post size…? prolly have to buy a new post and seat huh?

dx seat is pretty lousy anyway
any words?

The dx bearings are 40mm and a Bedford frame for profile is also 40mm so they are compatible. The seat post size is 22.2mm, you’d need a new seat post, you could use your old dx saddle with a suitable post.

does anyone have pictures of this bedford frame? which one is it on their pricelist? is it the 3" one for $60? is it a flat crown? how is the weight/sturdiness compare to other frames? thanks…

Here’s some photos:

Search the forum for more pics of Bedford unicycle frames.

The 3" wide is the trials frame and they had flat crowns. I haven’t heard of anyone breaking a bedford frame (no doubt Ryan has) as far as weight, I guess they are comparable to other frames?

Email Darren.

get a 22.2 gb4 from udc it is great. it fits miyata and kh seats. my brother has a bedford frame on his dx hub because the original one broke so it definitaly fits.

is this the 3" frame? is this a current pic? all the pics i’ve seen, either look like this one or like the nimbus II… which witch is which?

i don’t think that is the bedford 3" frame. they look a lot like this

if that’s not a 3" how is a trials tire in there?

This is what the 3" frames look like, its kind of hard to see the crown from that angle but its basically the same design as the yuni ones.