Bedford Hot Pink and Metallic Purple powder coated frames


Check out these limited edition bubble gum pink
and metallic purple frames… Sweet !

Look under “November”, the first 3 photos.

I have Alex ALDX32 19" and 24" pink rims as well !


Bedford Unicycles

cool, not my colours, but they’ll look good

Man i want that 20" Yellow w/black flame frame. I was planning on taking my trials frame(when it comes) down to my friends sandblasting shop and have them strip my frame and powdercoat it yellow for me but man that balck flame looks cool ill ask him if he can do stencil work.

has checkernuts ordered the pink one yet? if not, add some sparkles to make sure he will.

Hey! How much is the pink one, and also, is it available to the USA? Thanks and God bless!

Yes, Bedford does ship to the USA.

Sweet is definitly the word for those colors. I am sure you will be able to sell them. I think I will pass this time though. I would hate to give anyone the wrong impression, that would just be cruel.

I might have to hold out on the pink frame, ah who am I kidding its not trials if you dont have a hot pink frame. I really am interested in these uni’s but I still love my pos frame that is beat up beyond recognition. And I mean come on what is a pink frame with out Glitter!?! Darren I’m dissapointed you let us down on that one :wink:

I was really concidering this frame actually, but I think I’m going to wait for a better one. Maybe an Pink Anodized Alpha frame. I hope Darren comes out with a frame with bigger seat tube soon, and that have better bearing holders.



I had a bubble gum pink trials frame set aside for you to pick up at Toque !
Let me know if you change your mind before there gone.

No metal flake in bubble gum pink, sorry.
The frames do look good enough to eat !


Yes, frames ship anywhere in the US in 4 days.
Powder coated freestyle frames are 77.00 US
Powder coated 3" frames are 81.00 US


I have lots of black or yellow frames in stock.
Add some flames, they are hot !


More guys than girls have ordered the bubble gum pink frames so far…

some who post here are:

Sofa, well he says the pink frame and pink 19" Alex trials rim are for his wife !
Ya right, they look far from a cow pattern.

Checkernuts will be sporting his new pink frame at the TOque games. Who knows, maybe hair to match !


Yes, soon we’ll see Sofa riding a pink unicycle and his wearing a light green womens swimming suit. YYEEEWW!! He wants to be cooler than Harper.


the frames are awsome. do you have a website?