Bedford Hardcore Monty Trials

Does anybody own or have pictures or thoughts on the Bedford 20" Hardcore Monty Trials? I am looking to purchase one from Darren, but his sites under construction or something, so I can’t really tell much about the Uni. All I know is it’s $925.00.




This is probably a question you can email directly to Darren at (bedford_unicycles at yahoo dot ca). I was asking about it a while back. Basically it consists of:

  • Profile hub and cranks (145s, I believe)
  • Monty rim
  • Monty 20x2.5 tire (see pictures below)
  • Bedford 20" frame
  • Miayta seat

An excerpt from my email to Darren:

If you can track this guy down (maybe Darren would give you some contact info, I don’t know), perhaps you can get a review from him (it would seem he’s not on the newsgroup).

If you want a general idea of what it looks like and rides like, I’m sure Mike (ekimstrom), from Ottawa could tell you. He has the Monty Trials (not the Hardcore, so his has Suzue hub – not sure about the cranks).
His gallery is here:

He mentions the uni in this thread:
He also started a thread in the Product Review Forum, here:

I’ve also been speaking with Darren about getting something with the Profile bits. Last month he reduced the price of all the wheelsets and unis that come with a Profile hub and cranks by $75 (don’t, however, quote me on this – make sure you get a final price from Darren). That means the Hardcore Monty Trials is probably only $850 (just the prices on his website haven’t yet been updated).

Let us know what and when you get something :).


That “guy” is me:D
yes, that’s pretty much the uni, except i got it with an “old” style miyata. it’s a great unicycle, at a great price. I really like it. However i d’ont live in oshawa, but near.


bedford sent me some pics for no reson one day…


sorry for sizing

That IS My uni. The day i got it, he gave it to me, then took some pictures of it. it’s a nice uni! I was wondering when i’d see those pictures.
That’s funny… why would he send the pictures to you?



i got them pics a long time ago!!