Bedford Commercial - Whats this song?

Heres a video of a beford commercial made by Mike Clark and Sabin Ardity. just wondering if anyone knows the name of the beat at the end of the vid during Sabin’s riding. I’ve been searching all over for it.

haha funny video but i dont know what the song is called.


I don’t know the exact song but I think it is by Shadowville Productions.

Yeah I’ve searched the whole site.

Oh I didn’t watch it all the way through so I didn’t know it said shadowville at the end:o

well you probably won’t find it on their site. this video is oldish, so that mp3 probably got sold already.

Curses! O’well screw it, theres loads of good beats on that site.

Can’t you use something like audacity to record the music that is playing then keep that as an MP3? I’ve never used it… but i’d imagine it was the sort of thing you could do on audacity, or some nifty program.

That would get a little repetative. Just a little.

(more like alot) :smiley:

Music was also used in a old vid from Shaun, so after diging into my video collection I found the music.
Shadowville (Productions) - What U Thinkin About

Peter M

Looks like its already been sold, any chance you could put it up for download?


I love that video