bedford bc

hey, im wondering, is bedford the only place where they sell bc with 2.5" tyre,? i really want one, but here, they only sell the nimbus bc. :frowning:

You can build your own wheel with a 19" Rim and a 2.5" Trials tire.

But I would recommend the Twenty-G tire and a 20" Rim instead.

Get nimbus then get new tyre;)

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Though it might sound cool, the 2.5 tire doesnt help that much, Its nice for compression, but the 20g has better bounce and turning than a mod tire. The 2 things you want to look for in a good bc tire are air volume, and tread. Really slick, thin tire tend to squirl around a lot and make riding hard. Go for the bmx bc that darren has, many more tires avalible for it.

Really you are probally better off with a bmx tyre at a bit lower psi than recomended. If your worried about soft landings just don’t worry about it. Bmxers do drops way higher thatn most people would drop on a bc. If your looking for a tyre that’s cheap get the k’rad I’ve always liked it. You can turn sharp on it and it won’t slip and it’s 2.125" not huge but hold plenty of air volume for a bc.

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