Bedford BC Wheel Price

My friend made a BC Wheel, and it’s a lot of fun, but not very strong. The platforms are starting to bend from jumping on it too much.

So I want to buy one. How much are the BC Wheels from Bedford?

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I think its:

Standard - $140 CAD
Deluxe - $170 CAD

But I could be wrong. You should just talk to him.


What’s the difference between Standard and Deluxe? Is it strength? I’m not going to be doing anything huge, just riding and maybe dropping off curbs, so I don’t need anything tremendously heavy-duty.

If you have a question about Bedford Unicycles products, it is best to contact me directly at:
info at bedfordunicycles dot ca

You will get the most up to date info and pricing.

The BC wheels are 140.00 Cdn and 175.00 Cdn
US prices are about 108.00 US and 135.00 US

It is a great time for people in the US to get them because I still calculate the exchange at 30% when it is actually only about 20% right now. That is an additional 10% savings for you.
Sent one to California today.

The difference is that the Deluxe model has:
sealed bearings, hollow axle and better rim
Well worth it if you can afford the Deluxe model
but not a must.

Both have all black rim, spokes and hubs.
14mm alxes and 48 spokes.

The platforms on Bedford BC wheels are super thick
lightweight alloy powder coated with grip taped surfaces. Killer parts !

Have pride in your ride - ride a Bedford !


hey darren buddy, I bought a unicycle from escape the other day here in saskatoon, its a Bedford 24’’ cross country and I was wondering how high of a drop they can sustaine? I’m a 130 pounds and i’ve been jumping off of picnic tables, just wondering how much higher i could go before things start to break and bend, thanks

Spiffy, I think I might buy the standard model. Thanks!

Like he just said, If you have a question about Bedford Unicycles products, it is best to contact him directly at:
info at bedfordunicycles dot ca

Here are a few links to some pictures of Bedford
BC wheels.

Standard with Fireball

Standard with stock tire

Standard in Bedford colours

Deluxe BC wheel

MUni BC wheel

Bedford Team BC wheel rider

Enjoy !


vanished - Cross Country unicycles are not intended to be used for trials riding. They are designed to be used for trail riding on dirt paths. Big hops and drops are not recommended.
Contact me directly for more info.
416-729-9696 or at the email address above.

Let’s try these two again…

Deluxe BC wheel

if not, go to:

look under - april - 8th photo

MUni BC wheel

if not, go to:

look under - frames and stuff 4 - photos 9-13


Hey daren,

How much are Mt BC Wheels? they aren’t listed in your new catalogue… how are they different from delux wheel’s?

The benifit to posting here is that info that isn’t likely to go out of date will be available, and people can at least get an idea of where things might stand. It’s easier, more available. -but no substitute for a phone call, I agree.