Bedford 24" Muni

I will be posting pictures soon, but the uni is in good condition. Used it for about a year. Black profile 170mm cranks and black hub, black bedford frame with pink flame stickers. KH drilled hub with pink rim tape. Carbon fiber KH fusion street gel seat. 3" Wildlife Leopard tire. Top of the line uni in good condition. Asking $600 or best offer (don’t be afraid to make an offer). Sorry but no trades accepted. Would ship from California, USA. Shipping is included in the cost if being shipped in USA. Email me at if you want more info or you want it shipped out of the US. I accept paypal as a method of payment. Pictures coming soon!

-Wankerman (Aaron C.)


Maybe interested. Would love to see pics


The Pics


I took these on a 10.2 megapixel camera, so if you want higher rez photos i can send them to ya, but you get the idea.

The Pics For Real

Price Reduction!

Okay so due to lack of responses, I have decided to lower the price to $500 (that price includes shipping!) Or best offer. Again this is a top of the line uni with about 1 year of use, still in excellent condition. Spent over $750 on this baby. email me at if you are seriously interested or you would like to make an offer. Or just post it here. I check this thread daily. Thanks again for looking!

-Wankerman (Aaron C)