Bedford 24 inch MUni

Wahoooooo, I love my new MUni! It is a Bedford frame, nicely powder coated orange, an Alex Downhill rim, Suzue hub and a Stout tire. Right now it is sporting a Bedford seat and Wellgo B37 pinned pedals. This MUni rocks!

It arrived earlier this week and my first ride out was just around a fitness track at a nearby park but already I appreciated the smooth ride from the fat tire when it came to rocks and roots on the trail. Then there was the nice torgue I got from the 6 inch cranks, a very pleasant surprise both up and down hills… a big change from the feel of the 5 inch cranks on my commuter uni.

Next ride was on my commuter route to school/work with as many detours as possible over urban off road terrain. The MUni was an amazing machine to ride around town, so solid feeling. But turning on sidewalks took a bit of getting used to as the fat tire isn’t as keen to spin on a dime as my narrower commuter tire but then that’s not really what I got the MUni for anyhow.

So finally the weekend arrived and the MUni hit the trails for the first time. Now it was in its element! Although this MUni playground sported pretty easy off road paths nevertheless the awesome qualities of my new toy became immediately obvious. It just cruised over all kinds of rock strewn, water rutted, tree root studded terrain. And with those cranks the hills were no threat (well ok I did have to walk up one particularily steep one but that was more a lack of practice and being pretty tired at the end of a three hour ride, not the fault of the fine new machine).

Overall this handsome new MUni is a fantastic off road uni at a great price. I am thrilled with my purchase and thanks to Darren’s tireless help in answering all my questions I feel I have the perfect MUni set up for me.

I give this Muni a 9/10 rating… why not 10/10 you say? Well, come on, everything has got to have a little leeway for improvement, eh?! LOL


I’ve been riding a 24" Bedford Muni with a suzue hub, old style miyata seat, Alex rim with downhill tube and stout 2.6 tire for about a year.
The frames holding up great. Second season of snow muni and no rust and is still straight.
The rim hasn’t needed to be trued yet. The quick release seat post clamp is welded to the frame and only slips after a really big fall.
I don’t do any foot on the crown tricks so I can’t comment on that kind of stuff. There is a fair bit of space above the tire and the crown (2"). I have had no trouble with rocks or mulch, twigs etc. getting caught in the tire and rubbing against the frame.
Overall an excellent muni. Takes heaps of use/abuse without a problem.

Hey Drewnicycle, with that extra clearance of the frame do you think you could fit a 26 inch tire in there? I was thinking that it might be nice to have another wheelset with tire and cranks for doing some longer distance riding and the frame looks like it should have the space to accomodate a larger wheel, what do you think? If not, is it just high above the tire to allow for stuff like leaves and rocks to pass through when they get stuck on the tire?


I’m sure you can put a 26" tire in there. I’ve been debating doing that for a while now but haven’t committed yet.
The clearance is good for leaves, rocks, mud etc. to fly out of so the tire doesn’t get clogged up that much.


My bedford muni is onthe way but for now,the muni you bought was it the 225$ one or custom?

It was custom. It worked out what I needed with Darren’s help.