Because unicycles don't have chains.

My junk bike popped a chain link as I sped across an intersection: one flip and a head plant later and I’m a unicycle purist.

sounds good, keep on unicycling

giraffes have chains, and a popped link on one of those at speed could be catastrophic too…

Probably worse than on a bike… 5 feet down would hurt after a popped link…

When I started riding bike trials, I thought I was done with unicycling. In a matter of weeks, I could gap and up anything I could on a unicycle. But I started breaking stuff on almost every ride; shain snaps, derailure hangers, I even ruptured a magura line.

Since then, I’ve gained a renewed respect for the single wheels. They’re so simple, reliable, and cheap compared to bikes. I’ve also found that tech trials lines are alot easier on a uni.

chain snap at this point in your ride = death

That better not be you in that pic, mike.

Aye, but on a bike you’re going a lot faster…usually. Unless its been geared up to coker speeds…that would be terrible.

heh sig worthy?

man u have to get usted to that happing if ur going to do tryil on a bike a brocken hanger is a verry common thing chain bracking not so mutch but it happens i have a norco ryde and lol stuff like that happens lol keep ryding tim


… I’ve also found that tech trials lines are alot easier on a uni.


DON’T tell anyone with a bike that!


what ? :thinking:

Now you know what we think when we read your posts.

Wait, let me translate that…

Noe u now whut we thnk whin we rede ur posts.

It looks like Martin Ashton to me.


Edit: After zooming into it, my flatmate agrees with me.

I meant easier for me. I’m still new to bike trials, but can pull of lines on my uni that trials vets struggle with on their bikes.

tom, yeah it’s ashton.

Does anybody use twin chains on trials bikes? Seems like it would be easy enough to do with a single-speed setup. If snapping chains is a problem I’m surprised if nobody’s done it.