Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder Muni

Stainless Steel
Made by Steve Howard
One of a Kind

'05 KH 24" Wheel
Duro Tire
KH/Onza Hub & Cranks (left crank slightly tweeked, but still quite ridable)
Basic Welgo Pedals
Frame Uses 27.2 mm Seatpost
Has Insert 27.2mm to 25.4mm
25.4 Miyata Seat Post
Crappy New Seat

$325 + Actual Shipping Costs

trully one of a kind

getting the mud out of that frame must be fun… also randomly reminds me of a cheese grater :thinking:

It just looks like a drilled Torker frame, espetialy at the crown. But I know it isn’t.

It just looks like a drilled Torker frame, espetialy at the crown. But I know it isn’t.

That looks…interesting.

Is it just me or in the 4th pic, does the wheel not look right?

The wheel is “right” slightly out of true but fine.

how many times has this been on here? I’ve seen it several times before. :smiley:

I was thinking of an Erector-Set. :stuck_out_tongue: (remember those?)


must resist…

How much does it weigh?

oh man you know you’re a forum vet when you recognize this uni, and can’t count how many times its been passed around. This thing is awesome though.

i think the seat and post are differant this time. musta been another one. :sunglasses:

if you gave it a better saddle like a kh freeride or something and a better seat post clamp like a kh double allen clamp then this would be a sick muni

Any interest in this beauty?

Maybe try connecting with the guy who was looking for a uni to install lights in. . . there’s a thread on that somewhere around here. . . seems you two may be meant for each other. :slight_smile:

The light-up unicycle thread:

People really need to quit passing this thing around, it’s like an STD being passed around from one unicyclist to the next. Truly an eyesore. Every few years this thing pops up in a for sale thread, still in new condition, I wonder why?

showard built so many cool things, only to have his reputation totally smashed by this monstrosity.

+1 to CatBoy!