Bearings for a Nimbus trial hub?

Two days ago my trials unicycle fell in the water and now my bearings is so rusty that i nearly can’t ride it… so witch bearings fit on a Nimbus trial hub???

Maybe try looking at UDC, should say. Maybe trying cleaning them up, checking about, it shouldn’t rust that much after one dip in water.

These should work but your going to need a bearing puller to get your old ones off unless you get you LBS to do it for you

I have a baering puller, but I can take one of them off without touching it :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s not the best thing ever… I suggest getting new bearing. and make sure you have right spacers between the hub and bearing

I can’t resist

Actually, witch bearings only fit on the Nimbus 2000. After that, they switched to a 20x42 muggle. And then to the custom 22x42 muggle with ISIS. Even hogwart’s bearing shop won’t have those. You should try UDC.

Funny - but how good’s your Danish spelling?