Bearing sizes, crank rotation and tire direction.

Wow that title is packed full of interesting topics!

I just took apart my KH24 to clean out dust and mud and in order to rotate the cranks and flip the direction of the tire.

First thing that I notice is that the bearing are Qu-Ax! This surprised me.
Does KH use Qu-Ax bearings or it is what MDC used while assembling the unicycle for me before shipping. I know that QU-Ax is the KH European distributer.
The bearings have 224212-RS written on them. I am assumming that it is 22mm inner diameter 42mm outer diameter and 12mm width. I have no Idea what the RS stands for. On my ONZA24" I have 20 ID 42 OD and 12 W bearings. There is also an RS written on the bearings. Does anyone know what RS stands for?
Also it apears that 22mm inner diamater bearings are quite rare. It is very easy to find the old KH/Onza ones in any hardware store though. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I did my usual crank rotation. I rotate the cranks by 90 degrees every few months in order to get even wear on my tires. This allows me to ride with a Duro 24x3 tire for over a year!

I also flipped the direction of the wheel. This was the first time that I did this. I did it because I usually turn left when doing 180 turns therefore I was getting more wear on the one side of my tire. The unicycle rides fine and I can’t feel any difference with the tire rolling in the opposite direction.


hey, as for the quax bearings, they are all like that., the rs may stand for regular seal?

the tire direction makes a difference for grip forwards/backwards, but shouldn’t matter that much on a unicycle.

Really Strong?

I started a whole thread about pattern direction of a Wildlife Duro about a year ago. It provoked some interesting responses and a little flame war. Here it is.

Puting the Tire on Backwards

Wow Ivan. That was quite a thread. I feel no difference with the tire on backwards. The only reason why I but it on backwards was in order to even up the wear because of always turning to the left. Kris Holm also wrote to me that by putting the tire on backwards you could get better traction on downhill. There is no efect on the speed of tire wear.



By the way I think that I found out that RS stands for Rubber Sealed.