Bearing question - 32mm and 42mm replacement tools

So i’ve got myself a few uni’s and of course I have one with 32mm and one with 42mm bearings :sweat_smile: and therefore I am looking for an “extractor” which can handle both sizes.
Since the 42mm is also used on a muni with inside rotor, it has limited space to take the bearing off the axle.
Which one would be able to handle both bearings, if any?

And another question: Once I’ve taken my bearings off, how do I re-mount them on the axle? Sliding on will probably not be sufficient I guess?


Get yourself a short piece of tube with a little bit more than 22 mm inner diameter and a hammer and hammer it softly on


Oh, that should be no problem :wink:

… or a 25,4 mm seatpost

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Thanks, I have those too :wink:

My neighbors helped me pull and replace my 32mm bearings. We used a bicycle bearing puller but had to stack coins in it to get the extra wide 32mm bearings off.

@mark.vogels …I thought changing / moving / reinstalling bearings was something we only do when the bearings go bad. You can’t possibly have gotten to that point! In my 6+ years of riding, I only replaced bearings once (the 32mm ones on my 24").

Yes, unless you want to replace the brake rotor. In that case the bearing needs to come off first. :wink:

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Any three jaw puller works. You can buy one cheep at harbor freight.

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This. I actually just popped mine off this weekend and bought the full bearing extractor set from harbor freight. It’s way overkill. In my case the bearing came off super easy and was pretty simple to get on using an old seatpost.

The full bearing extractor set is like $35, but the three prong set is much less and likely works just as well.

Unless you live in most of the world :wink:

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Haha, yes, but I get the point :wink:

So this would do as well?

Some people had issues with disk hubs and those bearing pullers, because there is very little clearance between disk and bearing. I’d send UDC or I guess Municycledotcom an email, I think the standard bearing puller they have should work for both 42 and 32 mm bearings.