bearing puller

What is a good bearing puller to use for removing bearings? I have also heard that you don’t need a bearing puller to remove bearings. How do I do that?

I used a 3 foot long crow bar earlier today on the unicycle wheel that now lives as a large pulley in a home built pottery wheel.

Using a pry bar works best if you have two though so you can pry with them on opposite sides.

I went to Harbor Freight and spent and spent $15 on a pask of three different size bearing pullers and the smallest one works.

I’ve used the claw part of a hammer and the bearing casing broke and ricocheted across my garage multiple times and made it even harder to remove. I had success with a small bearing puller but it bent on a different set. The best and easiest I’ve used is:

It’s pricey but so is eye surgery. You might start out seeing if your local auto parts store will let you use a bearing puller (or gear puller) for a returnable deposit. That worked for me one time.

I use that kit too. I cringed a little at the price at first, but it works really well and I didn’t mind once I saw that it did.

Quality stays, price vanishes…