BDL productions magazine research

Yeh, thanks a lot for getting this going North, this is a fantastic idea and I’m really loooking forward to it. What do you mean by, “bdl are prepared to subsidise the postage to Oz”? I was thinking that might be interested in distributing them throughout Australia for you and maybe just charge people the cost of postage or something. I’ll have a chat to Gary about it if you want.

You mentioned needing people to help out with it for free etc, I’d be willing to do my bit with articles and that sort of thing if you need research done or something like that. Just let me know if I can help in some way.

Once again thanks…this is awesome!


A reward is a hard one! If people do get a ‘reward’, it would up overheads, but would be an incentive for people to send stuff in.

Without a reward, there is no incentive, apart from seeing your article in the mag, and would also keep the overheads down a bit more.

Maybe there could be a list of contributors, and after so long, the top 3 for example get a prize. I think this would give people more incentive to submit stuff.

I would like a quality over quantity mag. Also, as John said, will there be colour pictures, or black and white? A colour front page is a must!


Hey North,

I aint heard from you for a while…

How are things going?

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everything everyone else has said.

if you’d like to know how big the demand is, ask how many MUnis, trials unis, etc they have sold. if it seems like a big number, then maybe this magazine idea could work.

I’d read it, but I can’t afford a Muni or a trials uni…