bc wheels

ok i dont have enough knowlegde to decide whether to buy:

a 20" with a fat tire
a 24" with a scinnier tire
or a 20" with a scinnier tire

please help me decide.

i dont know alot about bc wheels but i wouldnt consider getting a 24"

Ok well I have had one of each of those at one point.
a 20" with a fat tire (like a trials bc) is really smooth and rolls over things better than a normal 20". It is heavier than a street bc though so if you care that much about weight then it might be a big deal.
a 24" with a scinnier tire is alot faster than the 20"ers. If you want to do any tricks with your hands on the tire then its easier on the 24. It is probably a little harder to hop with but not much, Evan landed a 6 pallet hop with a 24" fireball.
or a 20" with a scinnier tire is lightest and probably better for some tricks. It is probably the most manuverable.

You can compare them to the unicycle versions, a trials uni is heavier than a freestyle uni but is better for trials type lines and things related to that but the freestyle uni is unually easier for tricks. The 24" is sort of comparable to a muni, its faster and rolls over things alot better than the 20s. If you are riding a 24" and get used to it then step on a 20" you feel like a slug going reallly slow. So if you want speed go with the 24.

ok sounds good.
this was offered to me for 100$ and i was wondering if i could get anything better for the price.
I think it one of evans bc wheels. i can find a pic but ill have one soon

Was it this one? pdc is selling it, it was my first bc wheel. Its nice and that is a pretty good deal.

this one used to be yours?? does this uni have many past owners?.

just 3…spencer evan and pdc

Yeah, just the 3. I had it for a while then I traded it to Evan and he maybe rode it for probably a day then sold it to pdc who says he tried it then fell and now he is selling it again. If you watch my first 2 bc movies that is the one I am riding, I didn’t have the EB plates, I rode it with bedfords.

yeah thats the one. how much did you pay for it? do you recomend jumping on it when io get good enough?( which i plan too)

I think I paid about $150 for it. You don’t have to worry about hopping on it, its really strong. The wheel is a Bedford Deluxe, it has sealed bearings and a hollow axle, it will stand up to alot.

ok sounds like this is the one for me

litldude do you have aim?
give it to me if you do pplease

so what do you yyou think i should get.
straight answer please.

im really having trouble deciding


Yeah, you will never guess what it is…it’s litldude2
and my email is litldude2(at)aol.com :astonished:
oh and MSN…litldude2(at)hotmail.com (I am hardly ever on there though)

As for which to get, that 20" will be really good to start with, you can hop high on it, and it good for tricks and its light, I’d say get it.

ok thanks