BC Wheels

We own a BC wheel (also called an “impossible wheel”) made for us by Tom
Miller. Corey Chandler (inventor of the famed “Junior Free Mount”) has give it
a heroic try, with only limited success. Perhaps the 16" wheel is too small;
anyway, it’s the hardest thing in the universe to ride (though Clinton might
say the same about the Republican minority in Congress). So far, Corey has
gotten about 15-20 wobbly yards. Sem Abrams, however, can go for quite a ways
on the BC. Anyway, there are two basic ways to get on on a BC wheel:

  1. You roll it along, then jump onto the pedals. This requires both skill
    and faith.
  2. You can hold on to two people and have them pull you along until you get
    the hang of it (or land in the intensive care ward). Corey hopes to be able
    to use ski poles with it eventually; but that “eventually” is pretty far
    down the road. Anyway, if you have nothing else to live for, Tom Miller
    will make you a BC wheel for about $80.