BC wheel, where to buy one?

I am getting interested in a BC wheel. So I googled it, tried ebay, amazon and the english unicycle.com website. Where can I buy one online, for under 200 dollars? :thinking:

Thanks to anyone who comments!



how much is the one shes holding

tat would be like $300 USD.

wow thats dumb but it looks cool

would the plain Bedford 20"(BC) be a good investment or should I wait to get something better?

The plain bedford is a great bc, It lacks the sealed hub, but for 50 dollars less, and a couple tightenings of the bearing cones a year, its worth it.

I might be convinced to sell mine for a reasonable price.

You can get them from the English website for $159 http://www.unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=786


Make an offer.

20 dollars, you pay shipping!

$30 you pay shipping!

$80, I pay shipping.

That’s gettin closer!

I’ll buy the tire

It’s all or nothing, sorry.

You still interested?

listen closely,you take your front tire from a bike, and then cut and drill some angle iron until it makes a nice platform. Bolt it all together and you got yourself a bc wheel.

I’m listening, but all I hear are the people talking next door.

True, but frankly, a crappy one. Whats wrong with spending a lil money on a bc that will last? Go with a bedford.