BC Wheel Towing

has anyone ever tried towing a guy on a BC wheel behind a bike? you would think someone has done it but is it actually possible to go a reasonable distance or is it to hard casue you need both hands to balance yourself, i just made a new BC wheel today and i was just woundering if it was possible.

also how do you do hops on them?

cheers, keep it wheel.

I have done it. It´s not hard at all.

hey how’d the new BC wheel go tom? post some pics of it. here’s my one, half decent welding job by my dad with welded on grip :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL!! Sorrry, no offence to you, I’v seen some bad plates before, but jesus, those have got to be the winner. Those are some badass plates.

Ignore Evan, nobody really likes him anyways. Yup, even his own mom.


No offence taken evan, i happen to be rather proud of my beautiful plates


my plates are fine, i havent really tried them casue when i finished making my BC wheel i had to go out and that was last night so i havent really ridden it yet, im gonna go have a go in a minute see how they feel. ill get some pics when soonish, i still have to take pics of my new done up uni. those are pretty dodge welds, did your dad try to weld with the blacked out mask again?

cheers, keep it wheel.

the worlds are actually pretty good for a carpenter. they’re better in person. I went for my first ride today, the furthest i got was about 30m. I had to jump off at that point cause it led to a massive downhill overlooking a small cliff. The plates are holding up just fine and BC wheeling is FUN AS.

well personally i think the welds are dodge as but thats just me, were u using a MIG or a cigarette lighter? like really, i can weld better than that and i have limited experience in welding.

i wonder how long that axel will last. Mine lasted a week…

I took up BC’in temporarily after i snapped my UNICYCLE axel.

I’ve yet to look into a wheel with a 14 mm axel

Hope you get the hang of it soon.


The look of the welds and plates are completely secondary. What’s important is that A) they hold up and B) he’s having fun. Everything else is fluff.

Tom, the welds are actually quite good, considering your last job on your long bike, they were shithouse and barely did the job. I wouldn’t go critisizing other peoples welds when yours are worse. You could definatly not weld better than that

I will bet, if you give any given person a 5 miniute desctription of how to use a welder, they can produce better welds than those.

nu uh i can weld better than everyone!!!


Ev, just 'cause you’re the master bait… I mean master welder, doesn’t mean anyone can pick up a torch and lay down the smoothest welds.

I’ve been practicing gas welding off and on over the past few weeks. Even after reading a book on the subject and getting a lesson from Gerblefranklin, my welds still look like steel snot globs.

To get back to the original topic…
Yeah people have towed BC,s with Bikes I towed my buddy Bryan around a while back. Try using abike with the rat trap for something to hold on to. Also, that way you can stick a camera in the trap to film if you want to. For footage try the link below.


you lost that bet right here. i think that those welds are better then what i could do with 10 minutes of instruction. me welding > “hmmm, well, i’ll twist this valve here. ok, somethings wooshing. maybe i’ll just have myself a smoke while i wait for this torch thing to get warmed up.”

that doesnt sound very smart joshuni :P…

but seriously the welds on my plates are fine, they’re holding my weight which is all they need to do, if people have stopped critisizing the welds now (which i wonder how you can do because my dad is a carpenter with well over 20 years experience, which is longer then some of you have been alive for) we can get back onto topic. Is it wise to learn to BC wheel with ski poles??

That’s funny.