BC Wheel Plates

My friend at school said that he might be able to make BC wheel plates for me in metals class.

He said that they have Steel that he can use.

Does anyone have plans and measurements for plates? My axle is 14mm.

Thanks- Nathan :smiley:

Also It would be nice if someone had a drawing with measurements and everything if you have one :slight_smile:

i have a quick sketch but cant get it onto the computer. if i make them(hopefully soon) ill post pics and tell you dimensions. but i dont even have a wheel yet so idk how soon ill make them, but i do want to get one.

Ok, thanks anyways :smiley:
Is the best plate shape the one shaped like a triangle?

You’re going to want the plates to be a large and as light as possible :slight_smile:

I know that the bedford plates (which from what I know about BC wheels are the most recommended) are almost the full sole of my size 9 shoe. You’ll want the axle drilled in the plates just above where your shoe top is so that you can ‘hook into’ the axle bolts for stability.

Check out what’s on UDC to see the basic design of a bc plate.

also I’d recommend investing in some grip tape to keep your feet from sliding all over the place. Worked wonders on my homemade plates.

If you want it light, build it like this.

Credit goes to Evan Byrne for the design.

I drew this up really fast, If anyone knows… can you give me some of the measurements?
Top angle=
Bottom angle=

Thanks :smiley:

Plates.bmp (900 KB)

Umm . . . this is the easiest, cheapest, lightest, quickest way to make them.

Mmmk… How do I make those? :thinking:

2"x1/4" Flat Bar
3/4" Square Tubing

Cut materials to desired lengths.
Drill holes for axle in Flat Bar.
Weld it all together.

Have fun.
Wear jeans, or get an “Ace Wrap” for your legs.
Use Google if you don’t know some terms written in this post.

What is this “fun” you speak of? googles

Ok thanks alot :smiley:
Should I make a 15mm hole for a 14mm axle?
And what length sizes would you suggest?

Alright, this may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering, to make a BC wheel, you just need a wheel like that of a front wheel of a bicycle, right? Then attach the plates and your off?

I think so :smiley:

Yes thats really all there is to it*.

*after several hundred upd’s and a sore back that is.

forget this post. i clicked send acedently

Lol, how does that happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anybody tried using the front wheel of a bmx, still in the forks, with the handlebars attatched but with no frame? Then use grind pegs to stand on. It would be like the BC wheel but you’d have bars to use when hopping, plus everything is there to use, no making neeeded (providing you have a bmx!)

It’s called an Unbike, and lots of flatland BMX riders do that.

Its very hard. Its a bit easier if you replace the handle bars with a unicycle seat.