BC Wheel plates for sale

Ive got a pair of BC Wheel plates for sale. They are 1/4" thick. I will paint them black before I sell them.

I was thinking around $30. Tell me what you think. I will consider any offer.

Buyers pay shipping.

Here is a pic but just the plates.




Whats going on. One minute you are saying how you are making a bc wheel and that you made it realy cheap and a welder welded up some plates for free. Then you are asking how much do you think its worth, then you make a bc vid and now your selling the plates. Children theese days :roll_eyes:

ya i would rather spend that money on other unicycle related things. I had my fun with it, made a video and now im done with it. Nothing is the matter with it.

Are BC wheels that dull? didnt take long to get bored of it.

how much for the whole BC, including the wheels?

sorry im not selling whole anymore. i took it apart this morning.

haw much is the shiping

You cant just put it back togeter? or do you mean you have taken it completly apart, like delaced the wheel and stuff?

No I took all the spokes out because I want to keep the Rim and Hub.

So im just selling the plates.


Just tell me where you live and I will get a quote.


i might buy for like 20 bucks if the shipping isn’t too much

give a quote for anywhere in CO, it should be close enough…

it would be about $21 for shipping from UPS.

US postal service has much better rates on smaller items.

EDIT: Oh, just realized you are in Canada, sorry.

that would bring it to about …$41 canadian, right?

sooooo…like $37 US total, at which point i could almost buy a pair of nimbus trials plates with my next order to UDC for almost no extra shipping…

Also, UDC has newly designed plates (they aren’t yet displayed on the website)

i live in the uk so wold it be worth it

notice that i sayed TRIALS plates, as in the new curved ones.

who makes them

he made them himself, well, some welder he went to did. if you want plates buy from bedford.