BC wheel movie trailer

Here is a trailer to a BC movie i am working on

What do you think?
I got the BC wheel last thursday, And the movie is made when i’ve had i for 2 or 3 days.


dont work

I guess he meant that one:

thats cool

I Wish I Would Have One. That Looks Real Cool.
Would You Got Any Tips For Me.
Right Now I Am Learning A Uw. :d

that was pretty sweet i just started a while ago. Hopein to get better

I know this guy.
And that´s not the one he meant.
I can link to the real one.
Lets see…

This is the one.

thats pretty good i can ride bc but my best is only about 10/15 meters. good work mate!!!

That’s it. I’m getting really frustrated. It’s pretty obvious at this point that if none of these videos work, it’s because I don’t have the right software. Could somebody show me what and were it is so I can download it and see all this stuf?

That’s really good for only a couple of days work.

I think that having things like Defect that show what can be done make it so that a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t do crazy things do them anyway. It’s kind of good to see how people innovate and then other people follow, so that the one innovation provides a surge of people who are almost as good.