BC Wheel Mod

Well, you think the nubbins on the KH cranks were ankle smashers!

With the help of a hacksaw, a Dremel tool, and many beers (I was pleasantly suprised my handi work looked as good the next morning!) I was able to get those enormous nubbins taken care of, providing much better foot placement on the BC wheel, and still leaving an edge for if I ever get to BC hopping.

My first session with the BC wheel left my ankles smashed and bloody (no ankle protection with me last night)

This completely solved those issues. I’m much happier with the Mod than the original version!

The photo makes the tire look pink…it’s red. Looks super cool next to the red UW w/ black tire!

Congratulations, that looks great. Now you need to post some videos of you riding it.

I got back into BC wheeling a little the other day at the muni weekend. I managed to get about 20m on mine which is a personal best and I had some really slow runs where I stayed on for longer than I expected. Mine’s not quite as nice as that one. I’ll get one that style eventually but at the moment I just have a couple of small round pegs screwed directly onto the axle.

Aren’t they great fun!


…uhh…my video camera is broken…that’s it!

nice! i want one but the cost to much for just a wheel and platforms so im going to make one once i get to use a welder and learn how to use it. should be fun

Very nice! I have a BC wheel and I’m having footplates made by a friends father who is a steel worker! Hopefully will look as nice as that one!

I think a BC is going to be my next project.

I dont have much money at the moment, so will try and do it cheap.

I will find a front wheel off a bike, and try and get some platforms made. I might try and get some from Bedford.

I’ll let you know how I get on…


If these platforms turn out ok and are reasonably priced, I could try and get you some?

The reason I had to pony up and purchase the BC wheel was because the homemade one from a bike wheel didn’t hold up.

The Axel was too thin, and would bend the platforms down under the rider’s weight.

Perhaps a BMX axel would hold up better?

OWS, that would be great if i could buy some if they turn out ok.
I am willing to send you money up front if it is needed. I will also cover any other costs to send them to me.



A 14mm BMX axle would be much better.

Joe, I’ll see how they turn out but I won’t be able to give you a riders opinion on them tho, cuz I can’t do it yet! But will send you pics when they are finished.

The guy makes circus bike things for collectors so knows his metal work! I’ll find out if he’s up for making some more. You’ll need to find out the axle diameter when you find your wheel for the hole, I don’t know mine yet! They should be powder coated in black too.

I’ll let you know as I get more info,