BC riders!!!

where are they, i don’t care much if they suck, i want to see something done on a BC, i’ve waited a while and havn’t seen much.

i’m calling ALL bc riders out!

make it awesome if you can.

i don’t know if you allready see that one http://unicycle.tv/video/411-kenavopennarbed

it’s a vid of a friend of mine

– bobousse, enjoy!!

Make it awesome, oh never mind then. I almost had a reason to make a video.

PS. bobousse, that video is amazing, how long has your friend been riding?

I don’t have a cameraman…If I get someone to film me, I can ride if you’d like. But I can really only do a free mount and a small circle :smiley:

Wow that is a realy great video, I loved all of it, great riding, great editing and great pictures at the beginning. Thanks for posting that.

I’ve never seen that video before. It’s amazing. How long has he been riding BC? I want to learn that mount :roll_eyes:

I hope he doesn’t mind but yunisyko has this on youtube and I thought it was really good.

That was amazing! Do you have a high quality download for it?

trials bc.
i love it!


thanks bobousse for the link! i didn’t see this call.
and thanks for this comments from the whole planet !!
i ride bc since summer 2006, after i saw jeff groves in defect…that’s what i would do.
Any news from him or from bryan stevens ?

sorry for my english…

It’s about time i pulled the BC out again.

I saw Jeff this weekend. He was in the Toronto BC competition. Can’t remember how high he jumped but it was pretty cool to see him do his stuff.

Your english is just fine! :smiley:

toronto bc competition !!! is it what i understand ?
i didn’t know it exists !!!
what kind of events are there?
will there any bc events in unicon this summer ?

+ 1

I hadn’t seen it before either.

anybody have any download links for these videos… they are awesome.

an other small vid of the same guy

I have a four day weekend coming up. Triball sounds like hes at the same skill level as me on a bc wheel. How about a challenge on who can make the better video. Then we’ll let the other members vote. Any others that can’t ride that great, feel free to join in.

ther will be a new vid from him in a couple of days… we went to a skate park to ride…

– bobousse

Sorry to burst your bubble, littleman. But I just got wow from a friend, need to do a lot of school stuff and the weather is against me. But you can always make a movie and then I’ll tell you if I would have made a better one:p

Does anyone know if anyone does MUni on a BC? When i get around to building one, then learn to ride it, I wanna give it a go. It’d be better for doing jumps and that than a unicycle because you hav the freespin and speed like on a downhill bike. Wouldn’t it?