BC-ing i need tips

i need to find a leg wrap like really bad(i destroyed my shin guards) does any1 have a link…

ace bandages. you can get them at drug stores.

Not good to have these in contact with your tire. Best way is to wear these under jeans. Not too tight or your leg goes numb.

do they work better then sigity ones? hm… i also wear gloves because im going down gravel, and soemtimes a fall causei suck therfore i get rocking jabed in my hand so i started wearing gloves, any oen else wear glvoes?

what about veggie wraps covered is duc tape while you practice?

Hey new idea plastic fender to cover the entire top of the wheel use metal to reinforce it making it safe for shorts… as far as the tire is concerned.

When I BC, my legs don’t touch the tire, ever. Except for the occasional slip.

well how good are you?

I have gotten into a bad habit where I pretty much can’t do anything on it without the wheel touching my leg.
I can ride around and hop up small stuff without it rubbing but its not really comfortable for me.

Yeah I don’t rub it on my leg at all, and I only did when I was first learning.

Unless I was going down a super steep long hill were I had to rub or die… :roll_eyes:

Uh well… not that good. But I can ride in tight circles, hop up two pallets, ride backwards a little ways, some stuff like that.

Can I see? Like you, I made my own BC wheel. I’ve been riding it for about 5 months now, on and off (no pun intended). Only, I bought the footplates from unicycle.com and I got the rest of the stuff from the bike shop I use to work at. I learned very well, in about 2 weeks I was riding decently.

For tips, I have a few videos of me BC wheeling: click my webpage in my signature below or go to my youtube profile at: youtube.com/jneigh or /joejumps4fun

Well, I prefer the skateboard mount as I think it is the easiest to start. When I first began to learn, I would hold on to the back of my car while standing on the bc wheel. I would then push off and try and coast. This is difficult because your body is off balance. I would find a slight slope that eventually evens out. You want a smooth and gentle surface.

How I would teach someone to ride:

  1. Put your starting foot (I use my left) on the footplate and the wheel pointing forward, the direction you want to go. If on your left foot (with the right foot on the ground, slightly to the right and behind of the BC), allow the wheel to tilt towards your grounded foot by 30 degrees or so.

  2. Hop forward while keeping your mounted foot in place, pulling the wheel along. The grounded foot will either continue to hop or you can just mount. (This looks like riding a skateboard but you’re hoping).

  3. After one push, two or three, make the last hop enough so that you can get your second foot onto the footplate in time for the BC wheel to become perpendicular with the surface. Once you’re footed in (and well) you’ll coast. You can tell if you have good or bad footing by the feel of it. If it feels more awkward than it should, your footing is unbalanced and off.

Remember to keep your knees slightly bent, but not too much. Stiffen your ankles but keep them responsive. Hold your hands out for balance. Use your hips and arms to stay above the pivot point, not your ankles!! Eventually you’ll get the feel for it.

I’d make an instructional video but my video camera is dead :frowning:

I broke my long distance record. I rode approximately 150+ meters downhill!! I’ve been getting pretty good at riding. I think I’m going to retire my wheel and buy a new one at my bike shop this Friday. I’ll keep the footplates, of course! The rim is a little bend up in one spot, but that’s how I found it!

I got my giraffe to stop acting up on me. I can idle very well on the giraffe, much better than I can on the 20". I can also freemount much better now.

Anyone that knows any other good BC wheel threads, please let me know. Also, how do you start your own thread/topic??

My best BC wheel video (w/ a little bit of uni)…but not up to date w/ my riding abilities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00IR5GXSpzM

One thing people don’t initally realize is that when you get good at bcing rubbing is intentional. You rub to control speed, turns and balance.


I didn’t know that! Now I’ll have to try that so I can slow down and ride longer! I’ll need some shinguards…or pants