BC-ing i need tips

i kinda just “made” my own BC wheel i guess u could say but yea i used 1/4 inch thick steel for the plates adn i used an old bike tire fomr when i was a kid , ANYWAYS!!! im really haveing troubles geting started id liek someone to help me out on this
things i need/would liek to know

  1. how to turn
  2. how to start without useing 2 pole adn pushing off of them
  3. jump
  4. speed up/slow down
  5. adn thats all that comes to mind atm but yea plz any help woudl be bitchin’ :sunglasses:

watch a bc video and try to start out like they do…

jumping is jumping, just try it
as for slowing down idk, let the tire burn the crap out of your leg…
to go faster ride the bc wheel down a hill…its all about momentum…
and for turning just try it too…
all you have to do is practice…but before u can turn or jump, u must be able to ride your bc wheel first…

tear 112 peopel veiwing htis adn not one person has tips on BC-ing:(

ok kool thx anything else?

hm… i seee theres, adn there plates are shorter,er rather mine are longer really low to the groundliek reallyreally low

(picture suplied upon request)

Mine used to be 9" long and we cut them in the time we were filming for that because they kept twisting on me and it got annoying. Now they are around 4-5" long, I don’t remember exactly.
For slowing, lean the wheel into your leg. Get an ace bandage or some kind of protection or you will tear up your leg.

especially if you’re wearing shorts.

Why would you ride a bc with shorts on?

b/c it is hot out

Yeah well thats stupid. Never bc without a leg wrap.

well yeah of course your going to protect your leg if your wear shorts unless you want a painful stinging abrasion.

i have sixsixones =D

Chuck Norris BC’s nude.

Haha, that would be very uncomfortable for high hops. Probably get some things ripped off by the spinning tire when you tuck it up.

chuck norris pwns
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on my bc wheel we have he plates spaced out kinda far from the tire i guess…im not sure if its far or not, but i dont hit my leg very much now…they are farther apart than my first bc wheel…

Those are horrible for bc. They only have 180 degree protection and bc often rubs the back of your leg. Even the front section isn’t strong enough to withstand bc, it get shreded in no time.

lowers voice you’d get shedded…

lol hm…well i think i may cut my plates so they arnt so tall maybe shave an inch or 2 off

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