BC Discussion Thread

Seeing as just about every other kind of riding has its own thread…

Lets have a place to collect all of this bc talk, that is currently scattered about the forums. I just picked up a Bedford Trials BC wheel earlier this week, and it is an absolute blast to ride! I’ve been on it all week, and can’t wait to take it to a skate park later to shoot down some ramps (something that has always been a dream for me to do on a unicycle).

I know I am not alone, so lets have a little sub-forum designed purely to discuss this prehistoric innovation. Discuss!


ya dude, BC is great…i’d say i’m pretty good. i only practise sometimes…it’s one of those things i only do occasionally, to take a little break form regular unicycling…

i can hit some pretty big ups(thats my favorite thing to do) about two feet.

hitting stair cases is fun too. as in riding down em’

i doubt this thread willl be very active seeing as all the good riders dont ride much or at all anymore.

I have a bc but never really rode enough to get good it was way to hot here when i got it so i threw it in the corner i was thinking about getting it out now that is is starting to be 70-80 degree days.

Lol at BC thread.

I like BCing myself and this is a good thread. :smiley:

I just bought Isaac’s BC. :smiley: Just waiting for him to send it.
Hopefully it gets here before it snows too much…

i just bough qhaxkg’s bc but my tube popped

so i gotta practice

Yes, I think I will box it up this weekend and the money should come around monday…

I think this i a great thread…Ive enjoyed BCing but when wanting to learn tricks I find it frustrating…Like the other week I was rolling and did a 180 and as soon as i landed the 180 I would switch back to a 180 and keep rolling…But could only do it once…But riding is a blast, just the feeling of coasting around:) kinda like gliding or coasting


haha, just goes to show you how hard and frustrating it can be.

i get on my bc a few times every four or so months. i started learning some marginal tricks, like hops up curb-sized things, and 180’s, brief hand pedalling, but i didn’t learn enough to be able to ride backwards.

the bc takes so much concentration and dedication that when you finally accomplish a goal, it feels that much more better than practically anything you’ve done on a unicycle.

it’s funny how at certain points when you’re riding you can ‘lower your guard’ and not have to use your arms and upper body to balance, and every thing feels easy for a few seconds until you need to adjust again.

it’s easy to forget just exactly how impossible-looking riding a bc wheel in general is. just being able to ride a damn wheel with plates attached to the axle is mind-boggling. to any on-looker it looks like insanity.

well, that said, i do hope mr. stevens is still riding. that kid was ace!



Pretty cool.

Haaaa! Sick. Awesome idea:D

How do you look at BC-ers with leg protector thingies (the metal stuff that keeps your leg from rubbing against the tire)? Clever, or sissy?:smiley: I was thinking about making them, but then I watched a couple of videos, and nobody actually has them

That’s because after a while, they get a sense of knowing how to keep their legs from rubbing against the tyre. Me thinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

That may be true, but what’s stopping them from keeping it. It’s way more practical, and you can ride one footed easier :roll_eyes:

True, but can ride the wheel with both feet??? :stuck_out_tongue:

True. It’s probably the: “because we can” cause:D

A BC is like walking the tightrope, you need your balance b4 attempting to try the damn thing. :smiley:

Hey guys. I built a BC wheel a few months ago and have just started to have a decent go at it. Check it out.:smiley:

Which BC is easier to ride - plates or pegs?

I have a BC wheel with some old school BMX freestyle/flatland pegs on the axle. Since I started seeing bc wheels with plates I often wondered if the plates made it easier to ride.