BC Bike Race: A Seven Day Stage Ride. Anyone?


I think KH rode the Epic version of this “race” a couple years ago.

I have had visions of doing this thing, feel like the timing is getting better (my skills and endurance too) but what would make it even better would be to do it as a team.

So, it ain’t cheap, it ain’t easy, but what a ride!

Anyone interested in doing the Challenge?

It’s not too late for 2012, but if I could get some company I’d be up for waiting on the 2013 ride :smiley:

Very tempting! I will have to give it some thought.

Kris did the “Challenge” version. If I remember correctly on at least one day he was top 3 for that stage and he finished 7th overall.

I think he did it on a 26x2.6 guni.

Here are the results from the 2010 Challenge race that Kris participated in.


Kris is pretty fast!

I doubt I’d be anywhere near as fast as Kris, nor do I expect to be competitive other than with myself. My goal would be to complete all seven days, though my gut feeling is I’d need a break midway; not as young as I used to be :o

Clyde, you interested? Do you think Bert could be talked into? My wife is interested as well, she’d be on a bike, but she’s not very fast so we could probably beat her :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking about it. Are you thinking this year or next? Would you ride your guni or your 29er?


Sorry, I meant Claude :wink:

I’d go This year if I could get company, still spaces available at $2k, next year for sure if I don’t go this year. July is a ways off, I can be ready for this summer.

I’d ride the Guni but only if I feel like I’ll be able to use the high gear, otherwise the smaller wheel )26"), extra weight, and potential for malfunction would not make it my first choice.

So, 29er is more likely, esp since it’s what I ride most of the time :slight_smile:

Getting disc brakes on it for Spring!

I would ride my 29er which I ride mostly also.