Baylor??.... Anyone!!

I’m a freshman at Baylor and I need people to ride with!! Please! Someone!

That’s all. Thanks.

Stupid pun: what do Baylor uni riders do the best? Bail!

wow… nice pun.

It’s too bad UNT is two hours away from Baylor. I’d be there right quick.

kingsville too
i bet there are a few ppl who ride at baylor.
i’m doing the college talent show thursday :slight_smile:
hopefully I’ll get the fact that I ride out there and see if anyone else appears
its a pretty small campus though.

Ride a lap around the bear pit for me… or, if you can still get access to the drainage tunnel, see if you can ride through to the river. Some great NoZe (among others) graffiti down in there.

i need to do that… i’ve heard the tunnels are really fun to go into.

and maybe by some bizarre chance i’ll find someone who is like “i ride too” and then i’ll be like “cool”. then all will be well.