Basement Unicycle

I have not bought a new unicycle in a while and I want one for the basement. I really like my Equinox 20" street uni so I am looking at a Nimbus Equinox 20" Pro Freestyle Unicycle. My question is will the tire squeak? My Cryo Lite is like fingernails on a blackboard.

Is your floor painted?

Man I thought I was bad for N+1, I know you mean this post very seriously and more unis the better but I had a good laugh lol.

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Impossible to know without trying, as it’s less about the tire and more about the combination of tire and floor. Unfortunately, chances are high that if one tire squeaks on your floor, so will others…

no just sealed concrete

Glad I could make you smile Sexy. LOL And yes you can not have to mamy Uni’s.

If it the sealant makes the concrete shiny that is what is making your squeaky noise. I don’t know if changing your tire will solve that. I ride indoors at a bike park with sealed concrete floors and when I pivot to make sharp turns I squeak.

This looks like another choice, the Nimbus Eclipse 20" Pro Freestyle Unicycle. It has the white tire. Anyone used one? Would it be a good basement/gym uni?

Just take the tire off. Then it won’t squeak.

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The eclipse is a good freestyle unicycle. Very nice for standup wheelwalk etc. because of the low frame to tire gap.

If you don’t aim to do standup or gliding, the equinox may be preferable, the frame has more clearance, has the more common 100mm bearing spacing, so it is a bit more versatile for frame or wheel swaps.

But again, virtually impossible to know if the tire squeaks on your floor without trying and I wouldn’t base the purchasing decision of a whole unicycle off the tire. White tire is nice for not leaving marks, but my experience is if one tire is squeaking on a certain floor, other tires will too.

LOL be cheaper too.