Barracuda Unicycle

Daddy120702 sent me some photos which I put into a gallery named Barracuda Unicycle. The unicycle appears to have a United style frame and seat and lollipop bearing holders. The lollipops look more like the Miyata style than those of United or Zephyr. The photos do not show the training wheel bar.

Daddy120702 says that he can take more detailed pictures if necessary. I also gave him full permissions to the gallery.

By the way, Rand International never wrote me back about this unicycle. This may be your only peek at it. They’re obviously not pushing it very hard.

The lollypop bearing holders are interesting. I wonder if it is a Miyata bearing holder or compatible with the Miyata bearing holder. At least it’s not the flawed lollypop design that we are used to seeing on Taiwanese unicycles like the United and others.

I’m still very curious about the training wheel bar. What in the world does it look like? How would it be used?

Looks like a good entry level unicycle.