Barefoot Shoes

Has anyone tried unicycling with shoes like the Nike Free, Vibram Five Fingers, Vivo Barefoot, etc? How well did they work and would you recommend getting a pair?

Seems like they might help with wheel walk races, but regular riding is a toss-up, could be better or worse.

Most prefer stiff shoes. i have never ridden with them but from what i have read they are not stiff enough

I’ve never tried the shoes but there’s a recent thread discussing this: FiveFingers for Uni

I see, sounds like they are generally disliked and getting something like FreeRiders is better. Thanks!

People in their inexperience severely injure their feet just while running in these shoes, I would not suggest trying to unicycle in them. I’m not really sure why you would even want to.

I’ll go check on the construction forums and see if anyone has asked about trading out their workboots for these…