Bambooni: Let's make a Bamboo Unicycle in Open Source

Hello Unicyclists!

If you have a few free minutes (which you do… you’re on the forum) check out Bambooni.

We have been working with Kris Holm Unicycles, Nimbus Unicycles and Monociclos.Com to make this Challenge Prize to create a Bamboo Unicycle in Open Source.

The goal is to:
-Make it easier for anyone where there is no reliable distribution of unicycles to produce it themselves out of bamboo
-To allow any tinkerer and maker to build and customize their own unicycles out of Open Source Blueprints and enable innovation for current manufacturers
-To introduce a beautiful ecological material, with great mechanical properties to unicycle riders

Now we are asking you, the community, to help us gather some funding for this project. You’ll receive an amazing karma and the blueprint and tutorials of how to make a bamboo unicycle.

You can check out the video of the project in the link below!

First time wasn’t good enough?

First time was to share the idea with the community and announcing we were preparing it.

Thanks to the community and your comments we have improved and refined the scope of the project.

It has taken us some time to launch this, but the campaign is now live. Before it was just the pre-launch page, no pledges were asked nor made. :wink:

I think making a bamboo unicycle frame “just because” is more appealing to me than making a bamboo unicycle frame to solve some problem that I’m having a hard time believing exists.
If you’ve got all the other parts, you probably got them from a bike. If you’ve got a bike, you have enough to make a uni frame: the front fork or the rear triangle etc.

Maybe that should be the challenge. What’s the best way to convert a bike to a uni. Who on these forums has access to, or experience with, frame building quality bamboo?

You missed it…

April 1st was a week ago.

You say that your working with Kris and Nimbus. How come we haven’t heard anything from them?

Well said MuniorBust.

MuniorBust: Making something for a cause doesn’t mean it can’t also be done “just because”. We are launching the challenge because we’d like to see this happen and bring some attention to the unicycling world and eventually get something cool out of it that would benefit the community.
If someone finds a way of making it we get the blueprint and tutorials of how to make a bamboo unicycle. If we don’t everybody get their money back and we’ll be happy we tried…

As per turning bike parts into a unicycle frame, it is another way of solving the problem. The challenge doesn’t limit the way of finding a solution.

anton005: This is really not an April’s fool joke :wink:

Killian: & the doubters: Kris has already posted it on Facebook: and I guess Roger from Nimbus is still busy after the BJC.
Kind of funny you think I would use their names and logos in public forums where they can come in and deny their involvement :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the issue is most people don’t see an existing problem. By developing these plans you are really not solving anything. A unicycle frame is about 1/4 of the unicycle. You still need a wheel, cranks, and a seat. Are these going to be made out of bamboo also? If you need to obtain these via normal channels, why not add a frame? If the problem is third world folks not having access to a unicycle (a problem 99.9% of them don’t even know they have), set up a fund to send them a unicycle. Keep it simple, solve the problem. I really have no idea what you are up to, but it seems like solving a problem is the last thing in your plan.

If the goal is to make a unicycle that’s easily built in developing markets, out of readily available materials, I think bike modification planes would be way more successful. I don’t think that’s the problem you should be trying to solve with this project. I lived in a developing country for a while, and there were plenty of shops building bikes (well, pedicab tricycles really) and I think they could handle building a unicycle frame. I’m no builder, but isn’t the frame the easy part? What about the hub and saddle; isn’t that what’s most different from a bike? It doesn’t help a third world unicyclist much to build his own frame if he still have to order the rest of the parts from the closest UDC.

I’m not saying this isn’t worth doing. I just think you cold advertise this project a little better. Now, making an eco-friendly unicycle is a much better cause for this project, if you want one. Otherwise I’m sure plenty want to be involved just for the fun of it.

Didn’t see this until after I posted. Agree 100%

Sorry, still don’t get it.

Oh well, have fun!

Hello Unicycle friends!

The problem here is not just the resources and the enviroment… I´ll go even further!

I dont see a problem here… I see a challenge!!!

A challenge to make things just another way, a better way! A way to do whatever you whant to do but open source, this way everyone can reproduce it!!

It is not about saving the world but making it little bit better.

Jaime whanted to know how to build bamboo frames, quality ones (I think this is why Roger and kris and helping to help checking this quality as they are experts on this field).

Im a unicycle fanatic and I personally would love building one bamboo frame, It would be so cool… Thanks why Im accepting the challenge with my donation!

The way I see this we have two options here…

    You love bambooni and you whant to help -> Donate some cash or help finding the solution!
    You are not interested in this project -> Go ride your unicycle and eventually get advantage of the plattform to help yoursef and others bulding other projects!!

I hope all missunderstandings are clear…

Good luck Jaime and good luck to all the people who wants this challenge come true!!

Hello everyone,

There seems to be a misunderstanding and many feedbacks. I have tried to gather some of the raised issues here:

Comments and feedbacks welcome.