Ball crushing

I have just started learning to ride on a schwinn. I can get a couple of rotations so far and I enjoy the challenge; but I need to stop every few minutes to recover because I end up putting too much pressure down there. Any suggestions to alleviate the problem? Thanks.

Stop wearing boxers and get your junk out of the way!


Thanks, I’ll see if I can find some old tighty whities.

Get some cycle shorts with the padded gusset.

haha i used to have the smae problem with my old torker cx seat. just buy a KH fusion freeride saddle from it helps alot or buy a nimbus gel seat but is not as good.

I don’t think that fits a Schwinn.

It does. Schwinn is the 4 bolt pattern we all use, the exceptions are savage, miyata, and torker LX.

I can’t afford a new saddle right now anyway, I just spent $500 fixing up my flooded car :frowning: I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.

Good. I’m glad I wasn’t adamant.

just get those bike pants with the padding

A gel cover for a bike seat might help.

Or if you’re really hard up, you could try a sealed bag filled with boiled tapioca.

Or just stop sitting on your nuts…

I’m a huge fan of bike shorts,but if you don’t want to buy any then you can get by just fine without them. Firstly, make sure you sit on the seat properly. Your balls should be in front and not under you. Try sitting on the front of the seat and then sliding back into it. If that doesn’t work, then manually sort your self out after mounting.

It could also be that you are just leaning your top half forward as you ride. The key is to lean your whole body and the uni forward as you ride.

That’s pretty much how I do it.

I feel your pain brother! At the very beginning I thought this was going to be a major problem. I was spending 30-60 seconds every mount getting everything to sit right. The more you do it the better it works out.


Before every mount (or after for a jump mount), I adjust the wedding tackle like a baseball player walking up to the plate. It’s crass, but it works.

And remember: t’s not the “front of the saddle” it’s the “nut cushion”.

Yeah, stop sitting on them. I always thought this was the simplest solution and should be common sense for men.

Use the seat to scoop your balls up in front of you. Now your weight is more so on your perineum and pelvic bones/butt muscles. Still can get sore from riding, but your junk is upfront.

You also dont need bike shorts and stuff. The only thing I wear when unicycling are boxers and jean/shorts. Plenty of room and seams. But ive never had a problem with comfort, even on long trials/coker rides.

There’s another option. If you’re riding an old-style Schwinn seat, with a removable cover, you can convert it into an air saddle for super cheap.

Dude just ride without pants, pants are way overrated anyways. Or you could get a Koxx to comfort your junk.

The tightest set up

Not really necessary, most times I wear plain cotton shorts with no underwear and stick my hands in my pants as I sit down to get everything right.

However, then I was really going full balls, I tried a cup. Not meant for sitting apparently.

A tight jock strap, combined with careful pre positioning, with padded bike shorts, is state of the art IMHO.

Today I rode my KH 19 around the neighborhood, just practicing basic stuff, I am not very good or I would post a video. I just wore the plain cotton shorts. I always do sorta grab my crotch when I mount to position stuff comfortably forward. I think if I was performing, this movement might be best avoided, unless I had a good joke to go with it.:slight_smile: