Balboa Island, California/Newport Beach

I am going to be in ^ those areas, July 12th-19th.
Anyone live around there with an extra uni, I’d love to ride but I won’t have enough room to bring mine.

So anyone game?


i dont live there but i love that place!
the beach is so nice!

I’m maybe an hour from there, and there are some good MUni places since that’s mostly what I ride. And I do have an extra KH MUni too. But I’m guessing you ride mostly street/trials? Also I think Balboa Island is where me and another riding buddy took the ferry boat across and rode our 36ers for hours!

i want to come… i’ll cram myself in a suitcase w/ my skimboard and unicycle… you can use my unicycle … and i’ll get killed by the waves by the jetty on my skimboard!

i am in. I live 1/2 and hour away.

What type of riding do you do? I’d probably be down for a ride sometime but don’t have an extra uni for ya… I’m at NAUCC right now and will be back on the 14th.

I’m 20 minutes away and have an extra Coker, sold my extra Muni. Glad to ride with you.

This seems to be a sure-fire way to find tons of ppl to ride with you! (“You” meaning, ppl in general) Just post that you are visiting a particular area, and suddenly you have ppl coming out of the woodwork to meet up with you for a ride! Awesome idea lol!:wink:

I’m up for a ride, I’m about an hour and a half away. I have a torker dx, nimbus 36in, bc wheel, and my ride a nimbus 19 trials. So whatever kind of riding your into I have a unicycle for it, just not muni.

If anyone in the southern california area wants to go for a ride, I’ve been wanting to go on one. Eric(Mango) hasn’t been doing sduni rides anymore.

Santa Ana River 2 brookhurst/beach

I will be in town on Sept.18-21. I plan to ride the Santa Ana river channel from Lincoln Ave near 57 fwy to the beach on a nimbus 29er. Anyone want to join in? I also want to due PCH from Huntington Beach to Newport:)

I’ve ridden that on my 36er. It’s pretty fun, but if you really want a great beach ride, nothing beats the 44 mile rountrip from Redondo Beach to where it ends near Malibu, and back! Simply awesome! :sunglasses:

Based on your harsh views in other threads I think you should avoid Newport Beach.

Well the thing is, i wont be able to drive anywhere as i am the guest.
But if anyone is still game for meeting up PM me!!

ps. is there any good skateparks there, for skating purposes only.


Are you still planning on riding? If so when and where?? I might join ya…