BalatonBikeFest 2009 - Unicycle Day HD720p

Hi everyone!

I’m an oldskool Hungarian street-flat rider. Nowadays I don’t ride a lot but I make videos.

This is my compilation from the huge Hungarian festival’s unicycle day with famous riders like Krisz Kovacs or Bence Pinczes

hope you enjoy, more vids on my vimeo profile if you’re interested


Nice as always bro!

Good to see lots of riders in Hungary! Also, what shoes Benny rides!? He have the same since UNICON :p!

Hopefully I will visit hungary next weeks… maybe one week before EUC, maybe one week after :wink:

Krisz 540 hoptwist looked awesome!

really cool battle!!

that was awesome! kriz is a nutter, 630 - 360 side on wheel crazy…the whole battle was nice. and the 360 unispin drop earlier was awesome as well.

Yep, it was a sick battle X)

Benny still rides but he isn’t practising as hard as Krisz, it’s true… X)

Pedro: thanks for your “nice as always” X)

I just hope you know I’m not SincoJim XD

I almost stopped watching with all the bikes and all. Not that I have anything against bikes… just nothing new.

I’m guessing it was Kris that was the impressive one. Rock solid, one crazy unispin after another.
Its fun to see other countries… makes the world seem a smaller place.
If we could just get ‘the axis of evil’ riding unicycles, the world would be a better place.

Would have been cool to see Krizs vs Bence.

Fun to watch :smiley: Thanks for making/posting. Krizs owned everything :stuck_out_tongue: How high was the winning high jump? Looked massive. Was weird not seeing Fabian.

112 cm was the winner jump by Krisz

Mark couldn’t compete, he was in Croatia with his girlfriend

Rolling 112 over a bar :O!!!

WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That is INSANE TO THE MAX. Holy… That totally just destroys me.

haha I know… I talk to Jim often… I was supposed to be in Hungary right now…but money got short around may, and I only go if I get a sponsor for the airplane tickets :frowning:

sorry to hear that, maybe later =/