Balance Ladder

i hav a balance ladder that i bought many years ago before i became addicted to unicycling and i never really used the ladder much. if ur wondering wat a balance ladder is then here:

juggleart sells them for $400 but im selling mine for $200. the ladder has scratches and bumps and a little bit of rust which i will remove and fix up etc. photos will come up if someone shows interest.

i know this is not unicycle related but im just desperately trying to sell everything i dont want before i move out of home.

pic would help a lot

Hi Isaac- i am working at a circus this year and we are looking to buy some new equipment so your ladder could be a cool addition to it- some pics would help me convince the director though

i pulled it out n had a look at its condition today. im gona need to do a little bit of rust removal (its not too bad) and possibly a little bit of painting. i’ll put some photos up in the next few days once ive fixed it up.

also mark, i hav 3 juggling ‘scimitar’ knives and 5 juggling rings i dont want if there is interest for those aswell? they r in good condition. im asking $20 for the rings ($4 each) and $90 for the knives ($30 each). ill put up photos of all 3 items sometime in the next couple of days.

ladder photo:

knives photo:

rings photo:

EDIT: image embedding thingy wasnt working so here r the links by themsleves