Balance board construction tutorial

I like using balance boards, because it’s scary for me to try things that have a good chance in ending in a UPD, because I frequently don’t land on my feet:( Those of you who have quicker reflexes, I think can benefit from occationally using one of these boards. Great on rainy days when I don’t feel like going out for a ride, or too physically tired for a ride.

Version one:
Supplies: 30”x18”x1” plywood, 18 “ 2x4, four 4” wood screws power drill.
-Mark both sides of the plywood, perpendicular to the 18” side down the middle w/ 15” on either side.
-Put wood glue on one side of the board, then place the 2x4 on it on end.
-Flip the board over and drive the screws through the plywood and 2x4 just to the side of the line, alternating sides. You should put one in each end first then the middle two.

Easier on hard surfaces, harder on soft, like carpet.
Option: fold up a large hand towel and place it under the 2x4 and you have to use for/aft balance as well.

Versions two and three:
Supplies: 30”x 12” x 1” board, two boards 30” x 4.5” (half of the diameter of the ball), two pieces 9”(diam of ball)x 2”, a large diameter PVC pipe 1-2 16’ths less than your ball diameter (you may need to insert some wood disc supports depending on your weight), eight 4” wood screws, four 2 – s.5” screws. All 1” plywood. Also large sports ball (soccer, basketball, valleyball should all work. I used a basket ball.) Depending on the size of your ball the width of the two 30” boards may vary. To find the radius of your ball divide the circumference by 3.14 and then divide again by two.
-Mark the 30 x 12 board on both sides w/ 10” in between lines.
-Glue one side along the lines
-Put on the 30x4.5 boards on end w/ the lines going down the middle of the boards, put 4 of the 4” screws in each of them from the other side. Start w/ either end again.
-Put glue the ends on the same side of the 30x12 the other two boards are on, then attatch one of the 9x2’s to each end w/ 2 of the shorter screws each.

Easiest to hardest: roller on carpet, roller on hardwood, slightly deflated ball on carpet, slightly deflated ball on hardwood, fully inflated ball on carpet, fully inflated ball on hardwood…


Has anyone tried to make something like this? How did it work for you?

Has anyone used something else, like a Bongo Board? Noticed any improvements on the uni from it? If so, what.

What does the version 1 look like? Is it without the pipe underneath?

I tried the second version once, and it’s pretty hard

I’ve used a bongo board, no noticable unicycling improvments from it but it was a lot easier to learn since I have a knack for balance things… never built one before though…

I use a piece of like 4 inch PVC and a skateboard deck, one of those cheapo ones that is really wide and doesn’t turn up much at the ends.

I spent some time walking a slackrope, loads easier to build…only unicycling skill it really helped with was hovering, though…

1-old cord, just laying around
2- thingy-mabobers that you tighten with a wrench that hold loops in the cord in place
2-screw-in-hooks, from your parents garage without their knowlage
2-trees, about 20 ft apart, large enough to support your weight


all this stuff is really obvious, and any E-diot could put it togather(although E-diots probably don’t have the coordination for assembly, much less balance-(see my E-diot thread))

or you can get this… it’s much easier and better for slacklining seeing as how that’s what it’s actually made for…



Anybody else?

I’m still on version 1. I can now do it on soft carpet w/ a rolled up towel underneath crossways. 4-way balance.

I think it has improved my uni skills. Mainly when I need to pause in a bumpy Muni section or stop and suddenly change direction.

The big plus is I can do it for a very long time. The whole while being very challenging and not getting my energy wiped out, like it would on a uni. I like to do it while watching movies and listening to talk radio.

Another good thing is it doesn’t take up much space and you can do it prettymuch anywhere. I’m going to take mine on the plane to Boston, to visit my Mom for X-mas, and practice in the airport during layovers. I doubt they’d let me ride my uni, even my 16".

If you could do it w/ one foot while keeping your leg streight, but not locked, it can help strengthen the support muscles around your knee.

I was loaned a bongo board with the instructions, “master this,” two days later I could stand on it and solve a rubix cube.

i got a bongo board for christmas a few years back and they are pretty fun. after i learned to balance i tried it one footed which is a lot harder

Post a picture of this. It sounds interesting.

Balance Board

I know it as Rolla Bolla. I could see Rolla helping a little with Uni balance, but it’s a different kind of balance. Sometimes I use an example of riding a giraffe Uni related to balancing on stacked up Rollas, compared to a normal Uni and one Rolla.

I use aluminum Rollas. I’ve been experimenting with various rubber tapes to stop the board from slipping when doing jumps/turns, I also put linoleum on my board and table top.

First lesson for Rolla Bolla is ‘Don’t Put Your Hands Down When You Fall’, you have to learn to do a tuck and roll or whatever works for you… otherwise you’ll break/sprain your wrist.

That is so cool it is insperational. I’ll have to work my way up to that. Loved the circus videos.



How the hell long did it take you to learn to do that?

anyone have an endo board? it is the same basic principle. I played on one now I am addicted.

i meant tightrope haha…but i do need to get a slackline…been on my to-do list for a while but i highly doubt i’ll ever get around to it

I have an Indo board, and I absolutely love it. If you enjoy balance games, and want to have fun in the living room challenging friends to new tricks, it’s a great little ‘toy’. You can buy them fairly cheap on Amazon. I would recommend any brand that does not have the center groove, like the Indo board, so that you can ride 50/50 when you master the standard stance. As posted above, you can also easily make your own. The grip tape you use is very important on both the deck and the roller itself. After all the parts are said and done, I think it’s cheaper to buy than to build in this case.

To add to the discussion of balance, I am a firm believer that nothing is going to help you improve at a skill more than practicing the skill itself. Unicycling is going to make you a better unicyclist. Slacklining will make you a better slackliner. Indo boarding will make you a better Indoboarder.

I slackline quite well - two people on a line, one footed, etc. I can also Indoboard. Yet, after two years of riding (~5 miles RT to work every day), I am still a Level 3 unicyclist. Why? :thinking:

Because I don’t practice Unicycling. :slight_smile: