balance beam at UNICON XI, WA

Does anyone remember who had the portable balance beam (the beam was a cable)
outside during one of the evening competitions? Someone had contacted us about
getting a hold of this person. If you remember please let me know through the
Barb K.

Hi Barb,

I remember the apparatus but not the woman’s name. It was outside the Mt Si gym during the BB and Hockey Finals. I believe they were also doing several juggling festivals on the trips to and from UNICON.

The apparatus was simple and effective. If my memory serves it was a tight wire/cable. There was the top cable for walking on, a center pipe to provide a rigid connection and pivot point, and a lower cable with turn buckle to tension the top cable. (Am I making sense?).

What I do remember is that was the night that Abby, still barely age 5, launched into the abyss.

Sorry I can’t help with finding the person but thanks for bringing back the memory!