Balance Bar grant lives on....

I got a call from the PR firm that Balance Bar uses. They’ve selected four of
their grant winners to use in a national advertising campaign–and I’m one of
the four. She took pains to say that I wasn’t selected for my looks. Well,
duhhhh! They had focus groups read descriptions of what we’d done, and discuss
which activities best supported the “Balance Bar” image.

They’ll fly me to New York for a photo shoot near the end of November. Maybe
Harper and I can get together. We can lure John Childs in, then graft my good
looks on top of his riding ability–sort of a Frankenstein thing–so that I
won’t crash and burn in New York.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

What does that have to do w/ unicycling!

Some of the story can be found at the following link along with a repost of David’s SPECTACULAR, grant-winning essay.

David Maxfield wrote an essay that won a grant from Balance Bar to support the North Bend Panther Pride Demo Team (a unicycle club). The grant also explains why they had so many Balance Bar nuggets at NAUCC and UNICON this year.


And of course:

And David, make sure they get some good shots of the Telford. That’s a cool looking uni.

That “thud” noise was my lower jaw hitting the desk. Ow. That’ll leave a bruise.

If there’s just one thing that will really sell MUni, I think I’ve just read it.

Phil, just me

Wow, I met and rode with David at the convention. I even ate some Balance bars that Mr. Childs handed out. I saw some new munis that the school was using. But until now, I had no idea how they all related.
Congradulations David on a job well done. One of the coolest things about attending a convention, is getting to meet some of the best people in the world.


Cool stuff. If you are in NYC be sure to let us know. I’ll show you all the good Muni/Trials spots in Central Park - there’s some good ones!

Joe Merrill