Bag to carry 24" Unicycle

Hey everyone

I’m going to a conference out of town in October and wanted to bring my 24" unicycle to ride around and to get me from hotel to the venue.

I was hoping to try and find a bag to put the unicycle in that I could carry around with me between sessions and to store while indoors. Bonus points if I can fold it up small and store the bag small. Additional bonus points if it’s sold in Canada

I have send bags for folding bikes that may be a bit big, and was looking at a folding duffle bag or gym bag as a cheaper option.

Thanks in advance for the ideas :slight_smile:

I would buy a cheap rucksack that has plastic clip release buckles on it and buy some webbing that fits the buckles so i could cut it up and make it so the unicycle can end up secure to the rucksack by the clip buckles.

You could spend plenty of time making it look right or just minimal so it works.

24" Muni that’s possible to get in.
26" road tire. Muni it’s to big.
Or: 240 Liter thrush bag. That’s work also but looks not so good.

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Maybe something like this (pop up tent bag) if you dropped the saddle as far as needed and take the pedals off. Very lightweight and foldable.

Go to a music store and look into drum or cymbal bags.

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The cymbal bag can transport a 36er, but it will cost 100€ or more. I’m using a round shape tent bag I paid about 25€… I use it for all my unis, from the 19" to the 36". The bigger one’s can be spotted by the saddle protruding outside, but for those money I think it is a good deal considering I can easily ride a bike with that bag on my shoulders

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