bad (& stupid) publicity

Nothing seems wrong in the second one.

I know his Roach pads must have savioured him on occasion

Apparently the scientist who wrote the first article didn’t do his research. Either that or he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.
Extreme Unicycling is every bit as much a sport and extreme as freestyle BMX. How they can not see the similarity and the much more extreme aspect of doing it on a unicycle is bizzare.
I always thought justice was blind, not science.

unicycling is 1/10th the ‘extreme’ factor than BMX’ing, or Freeride mountain biking for that matter.

A unicyclist can stop and pause whereever he wants, get comfortable, and then go when he feels like it. Bikes have to plan on speed, momentum, etc…

Sure Unicycling on a skinny on the North Shore would be tough. It would certainly be easier than being on a bike and having to figure out how fast you need to be going, and being commited to the stunt WAY further ahead than a unicycle rider who can stop right at the lip if he doesn’t feel comfortable.

Look at Kris in the movies, he can zig zag down all the stunts, as hard as they be, but then look at how a biker needs to get down those same stunts, by flying, blindly, most of the time and having to negotiate the sharp turn on impact but with WAY more speed and momentum behind them.

Having one wheel is no argument, because having to ride around on angles having two wheels to contend with is harder. On a unicycle you know where the wheel is, on a bike you have to contend with the back wheel going straight to where you turnable front wheel is going.

Then compare stunts and everything to bmx’rs, and especially skateboarders. We take a fall, and have to bend down and pick up the uni (obviously there are cases where people get seriously hurt) a bmx’r or skateboarder messes up and they have broken collar bones, ankles, ribs, etc…

Great Bikers are 10 times the riders great unicyclists are.

"But, unicycles are harder to learn than something else, so we are great and everything else is easy and stupid. " - any 12 year old

Well… I have to agree MOST Unicycling prolly isn’t isn’t as extreme as BMX’ing, But the kind of stuff tugboat does…That is scary, trust me I tried it and almost broke my tailbone on a 3 foot rail. And That is beside the point… Unicycling does not need to be extreme. I am guessing most of us ride unicycles because it is TECHNICAL. We like to use our brains to find better ways to do things, or make it onto a trials obstacle. This may not be the case for some of you…or even most of you, but I know in my case I like unicycling to learn tricks and beat the odds.
Anyways just my opinion.


There is a link to the editor in the article to which Chad provided the original link. I sent him a brief message.


In your short, online piece:

The following paragraph appears at the end of the write-up:

Extreme ironing, urban housework, extreme croquet, extreme unicycling and wheelbarrow freestyle can be jokingly classed as an extreme sport.

The obvious grammatical error is that the object, extreme sport, should be pluralized to read extreme sports. The obvious journalistic error is that either the author has never witnessed mountain unicycling or trials unicycling or that the editor did not proof-read this article. Look before you leap.

Gregory C. Harper
Research Engineer
blah, blah, blah

Taking that sofa was serious (which im not sure of) i would have to disagree. I’m not gonna write up a big speech on why i disagree because then it would make me sound stupid. But I disagree.

I was being quite serious.

dont forget, “extreme unicycling” is still young. ten years ago you would be laughed at if you said skateboarders could do any of the stuff they do now. skateboarding has had the chance to evolve since it has become so popular. as long as people think of it as a joke, it wont be able to evolve fast enough. think about it, many of the best riders have only been riding a few years. people in the past have ridden unicycles for years without knowing that bunnyhopping is even possible. five years ago no one would believe that a 16 year old could sidehop 3 feet in the air on a unicycle. sure, some mountain bikers are far more extreme than any unicyclist but there are thousands of mountain bikers and most are the ones who i see get off their bikes to surpass a hard descent while i try it. people learn to bike as children, its no surprise that ten and fifteen years later they can try more difficult trails.

unicycling is extreme and i think its foolish to think otherwise…

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s extreme enough, just not as much as the others.

I do agree with your points though (about still being a young sport)

However, I still think bikes are harder to control in a situation like freeride or trials than a unicycle, but it’s all personal opinion, I suppose

Sofa is right.

Unicycling is technical, but yes, biking is more dangerous, faster, harder, and at times can be as technical, or more so. Anything you can do on a unicycle, I think you can do on a bike, between freeride, trials, flatland, or BMX.

Thats not to say that unicycling isnt all together cooler anyways.

i do think bike trials is a lot cooler and harder than unicycle trials, but motorcycle trials just blows. mountain biking is more dangerous, but i dont think its more technical. with a unicycle you have to look for every rock and twig. even though its no problem rolling over them, if you dont prepare, you will land flat on your face. on bikes you just roll down without even looking. and remember, most trails are made for bikes so they work better for them. and a more difficult trail on a bike can take the same amount of skill as a less difficult trail on a unicycle. so i think mountain biking is just more dangerous.

Now add 20km/h or so to that same train of thought.

This argument is like asking whether playing tuba or bassoon is harder. When you get to the professional level, it’s a meaningless question. Players of high levels of ability and immense dedication play music that is challenging to each.

The Bassoon is way harder

Extreme croquet really is a sport? My friend and I jokingly ‘invented’ it. But apparently some people take it seriously.
Oh, and that wheelbarrow freestyle is some seriously awesome stuff. I think the extreme housework don’t really go, though.

i dont mountain bike, but i have friends who do. one day we rode a few sections of a trail and compared our experiences. he said it was no problem rolling over rocks, roots, creeks, but it was the turns that were difficult (the back wheel would slide). for me, the turns were no problem but the massive amounts of rocks, roots, and creeks made for a tiring ride. others i have talked to also say that even if they accidentally hit a big rock or root without noticing, they will get a jolt, but recover no problem.

I disagree. No type of trials riding keeps me more interested and fascinated than motorcycle trials. I’m looking for a chance to try it sometime.

spoken like a true unmarried 'un


These “iron men” are for real!