bad luck and a dodgy seat fix

I’ve had the worst luck this week -

firstly, my coker seatpost snapped (the seat mounting plate broke). So I ordered a replacement and then started riding my 29er.

Then my 29er seat loosened off and I discovered both the front bolts were spinning.

Then my 29er inner tube broke at the valve (so not repairable).

Then my spare tube for my 29er turned out to be too narrow for the tyre I’m running and the valve popped right out of the tube.

Then I went to the local bike shop who refused to belive that 29" wheels existed and suggested that as it was 700c, a 700c x 23mm inner tube would work fine. Obviously I left at that point as I’d just exploded a 700c x40mm tube and ordered a couple of tubes off Roger and caught the bus in to work.

The seat, I fixed by opening it up so I could get a grip on the bolts and then putting little nuts on the outside of the seat on the front two bolts and tightening them up, then putting the seatpost on over them, so the seat is slightly tilted backward, but there’s no way the bolts can loosen. It’ll be interesting to see how long this holds up.


and the bus…did it break-down?

Sorry to hear of your seat post, tube & bolt problems.
Hey, look at it this way, you’ve got your yearly quota of break-downs finished. After this you can ride without issue - well, maybe.